The incoming second generation of NFTs are giving more utility to holders, and we’ve created a collection that will help bring this next phase of NFT growth to the masses.

The majority of first generation NFT characteristics are represented by unique visual data, namely pictures. We believe NFTs can be much more than visual data, and that people will interact with NFTs in totally new ways in the near future. This is why our collection includes features like fusion and self-balancing evolving rarity, and numerous utilities like game dynamics and shared DAO voting.

The total possible amount of DefPunks NFTs is 100,000, although this number will decrease over time because of the deflationary mechanics.

Not at all! We’re aiming to make this project as accessible as possible to anyone that wants to participate, and starting with a large amount allows us to set the mint price very low (at just 0.01 ETH). The goal is for every participant to be able to initially acquire enough DefPunks to experience the fusion process and become a decision-maker in the DAO.

The minting cost of one DefPunk is 0.01 ETH, plus gas fees.

The forthcoming DAO will be the main utility, and the evolving rarity mechanics of DefPunks creates a great opportunity for holders to build their power within the DAO.

This organizational aspect is unique in the NFT space in that it provides the fairest voting power distribution, meaning every DefPunks holder will have a vote in the future of the project, including how to allocate the profits generated from the DAO´s funds.

DefPunks can be fused on-site. Feel free to ask for help from one of our moderators or another community member!

This feature will be available from the beginning of the minting process.

You can find the whitepaper here.